Branded Or Non Branded USB Devices – What To Select?

When planning a marketing campaign or any other business events it is a great idea to gift customized USB sticks . They are not only useful but also stylish and affordable. Moreover you can also choose them from wide range of models and sizes. So you can make an impression by selecting a classic USB or a latest and popular twister USB. Show you love for environment by selecting some promotional USBs in eco- friendly designs and imprint your business logo on them. However, it depends on your business whether to brand the USB or not. For many businesses, the USB sticks have became the popular business promotional gifts.This to due to numerous benefits associated with them. It is important to select branded one, if you want a maximum visibility for your brand. Non branded ones don’t advertise your brand as most of the recipients don’t get an idea from where they got the gift. By engraving your business logo on the USB drives you are showing you brand and improving its visibility. For the businesses many promotional gifting options are there but when it comes to efficiency and affordability the branded USBs are most appropriate options. They are mostly useful for promotional activities and your brand can reach lot of audiences quickly. That is the reason why most of the businesses opt for branding the USBs instead of not branding them.

Customized USB drives are more beneficial and effective for promotional activities but for some businesses they are not the preferred options. In such situations non-branded USB drives are the most preferred options. What makes businesses to opt for non-printed ones instead on the branded ones? For some businesses privacy and security are key elements. Such businesses can opt for non-branded USB drives as promotional items. Even if you know that printed USB sticks have lot of advantages and promotes your business in an effective way they may not be the right option for your business if it deals with sensitive information. By branding the USB you may unknowingly share some crucial information that is not good for your business. When privacy has to been maintained you may think twice to use printed USBs as giveaways for your employees, clients and partners. Professionals such as lawyers, bankers, auditors and businesses involved in works that deal with sensitive data often avoid branded USB sticks or any other branded devices with company names or logos and eye catching details. Instead of that they look for discrete non-printed models that are less attractive. These companies and their employees mostly work on information that is highly sensitive and the branded devices can become an easy target for those who want to steal the information. Due to this reason to protect the information from possible theft such businesses are reluctant to use printed USB drives that also have preloaded information related to their company. However the important of promotional items cannot be ignored so such companies can look for flash drives that have security features too.


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